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What I am reading Wednesday

(I really need to create myself a template for these posts, because I can never remember the prompts)

What I Just Finished Reading
The Angel's Kiss by Melody Malone. It's written from River's point of view and she has a high opinion of herself, which makes the tone quite amusing. It's probably just as well that it's short, though, because there's probably only so much of that you can take.

I also finished Clients From Hell 2, which looked long, but was half full of freelancers tips. The rest are stories similar to ones on the website, but entirely web designer/developer ones, I think. Unsurprisingly, given that the stories on the website are amusing and worryingly true, the same can be said of the ones in the book.

What I'm Currently Reading
Hugh Laurie by Anthony Bunko. It's a biography of Hugh Laurie and it's very interesting so far (I'm up to Jeeves and Wooster, chronologically). I do like biographies and autobiographies, reading about the lives of people who have/had completely different lives to me.

What's also exciting about it, is that it's an ebook I borrowed from the library. I'm interested to see what happens when it reaches it's due date - I'm guessing the DRM expires and I won't be able to open it any more.

What I'm Reading Next
The Serrano Legacy by Elizabeth Moon. Or rather the first book in it, but I have the omnibus version because it was the same price as just one book. I intended to read this a while ago as my local library had books 2 and 3 and the county had the omnibus. But I had quite a bit sitting around at the time that I thought I ought to read first, so when I came to think about this, the libraries no longer had it. So I bought a second hand copy.

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Jun. 4th, 2014 10:14 pm (UTC)
I keep the template doc right there on my desktop, and then when I read something I particularly love (or hate) I can make notes about it right away.

Oooh Elizabeth Moon! I enjoyed The Deeds of Paksenarrion; does this fit somewhere in that world?
Jun. 5th, 2014 07:21 am (UTC)
That's a good idea. I can do something similar within WordPress - there's a plugin that lets you set up a template, so I can start a draft post whenever I like, select the template and it'll fill in the subject line and the prompts for me. I just need to install the plugin and set it up.

This is a different series from The Deeds of Paksenarrion, but after this one I will be onto that one (which was in the library, last time I looked).
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