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Election time

Today is European election day. I like voting. I don't vote because we're fortunate to live in a democratic country and people died so we could vote or even so I can criticise who gets in, although they're all good reasons. I vote because I missed out on an election due to being four days too long and I am determined not to miss out again.

This evening one of our suppliers at work is taking us out to dinner. So that I didn't have to worry about rushing home afterwards in time to vote, I went this morning. It was empty in there - partly because of the time (it's been busiest when I've voted on my way home from work) and partly because not so many people vote in European elections. I walked there because I have to go past a primary school to get there and then it turned out to be an pretty empty road anyway. But it was a nice walk and was the polling station was only five minutes away.

European elections are a bit different, because we're electing ten MEPs in my area. Normally in a general election you are electing one MP. The ballot paper lists their names in alphabetical order and also which party they're representing. You put an X by the one you want. In a local election the same thing happens, but you could be electing more than one person, in which case you put more Xs. For European elections it lists the parties in alphabetical order, and the MEPs below them. There are up to ten listed and the number of them that are elected depends on the number of votes their party gets.

It's also different because this is when all the tiny parties come out, many of whom are only interested in getting us out of Europe. My ballot paper had fifteen parties listed, not all of whom listed ten candidates. Some of them I'd never heard of, some of them are definitely racists and some of them are odd. I voted for the one I have heard of that I currently hate least.

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May. 22nd, 2014 02:26 pm (UTC)
I voted for the one I have heard of that I currently hate least.

*sigh* Yes, I've done that a few times too.
May. 22nd, 2014 09:35 pm (UTC)
I voted too, mostly because I can, and also because I've no patience with those who will whinge no matter what the result is, but can't be bothered to vote themselves.

While I generally feel we'd probably be better off without Europe, I could never vote for UKIP who appear to be both racist and homophobic; so went for the next best option.
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