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Star Wars TPM

Yesterday I gave into the urge to watch the Star Wars prequels. Or at least, the bits with Ewan McGregor in (I am so behind on his filmography - I'd nearly caught up at one time too). It took me a while to get used to the English accent, but after a while I stopped thinking of it as Ewan McGregor using an accent and thinking that this is how Obi-Wan speaks. And it brought back so many memories - it was my first big fandom and first slash fandom.

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Someone on a hamster forum said that hamsters were like the cats of rodents. I can see the comparison. Missy only wants to play with me when she feels like it. She stops to wash. She has a comfy bed, but has been known to sleep next to it or move all the wood shavings and sleep on the floor of her cage. She has a deep bit for digging in, so digs on a shallow section. She wants her toys/treats where she wants them, not where I put them. Her favourite toys are the free ones. She's intelligent, but an idiot. But she did pose for me recently:

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2015 fic roundup

I intended to do this at the beginning of the month, but where did January go? I thought I'd better take a break from Fandom Snowflake and do this while we're still in the first month of the year at least.

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Fandom snowflake day 12

What makes you fannish? And by that we mean, what is it about a tv show/movie/book/band/podcast/etc that takes you from, "Yeah, I like that," to "I need MOAR!!!" Is it a character? A plotline? The pretty? Subtext that’s just screaming to be acknowledged? In your own space, tell us what it is that gets you to cross that line into fandom.

The answer to this depends on whether there is any more. You can be as fannish as you like about something, but if no one else has heard of it and there's no fandom, there's not a lot to go on. And if there's a lot of official stuff, it feels like there's no need to go to fandom.

So Star Trek, for example, I love. I've seen all the TV episodes (including the animated series) and all the films. I take a day off work to go and see the latest film on the opening day. I read a lot of (Original Series & TNG) books, mainly in the 90s. I think, on the whole, that was enough. I wasn't there for the shipping, just the adventures, so that was everything I needed.

When I got into Doctor Who I decided it wasn't going to be like Star Trek and I wasn't going to get into the fandom either. I was trying to come up with an explanation, but the truth is that I don't know what happened there. Although, a lot of it was SJA fandom, rather than Doctor Who fandom.

Looking back, I think it ends up being the people, rather than the fan creations to consume/create or the even the original source materia. I met people through The Bill and Stargate and Doctor Who/SJA fandom. I'm still friends with some of those people. Those are the fandoms I had the most fun in.

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Fandom snowflake day 13

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

Here are some Yuletide recs! I didn't keep a list when I read them, so I just went through my emails of author replies.

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Fandom snowflake day 10

In your own space, post a rec for fannish and/or creative resources and spaces. Tell us where you go to dig up canon facts for your fandom, or where you get all the juicy details about your favorite ship. Where do you like to hang out and squee like a squeeing thing?

For canon facts, wikis are always good. For Star Trek, Memory Alpha (film & TV canon) and Memory Beta (book canon) are great. Through Memory Beta I now know how Crusher and Picard came to be married (still can't quite get my head round it though). The Doctor Who Legacy wiki is the best source of information about the game.

Most other fandoms-specific wikis tend to be a rehash of Wikipedia and don't tell you a great deal.

For hanging out, it's all LJ and DW. Twitter is for real life, Facebook similarly, given it's names, not pseudonyms. I'm not into looking at pictures (except of bunnies), so I don't have a Tumblr.

Going through my bookmarks for other resources, which got a bit long...

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Fandom snowflake day 14

In your own space, share your love for something fannish: a trope, cliché, kink, motif, theme, format, or fandom.

I have a few tropes I love. No idea why, but I love them anyway:

- Two people who were lovers, but decided it didn't work and are now friends

- Parent/child relationships when neither of them are related

- Aliens made them do it - but not the actual thing, that's boring, it's the ways they get out of it, and the aftermath if they don't (or if they do) especially if the two (or more) people in question don't secretly fancy each other.

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Fandom snowflake day 11

In your own space, make a list of at least 3 things that you like about yourself.

This is hard, so I am trying not to think about it for too long.

1. I am organised. Which is how I end up organising other people...

2. I am generally on time (exceptions for unexpected three hour train delays and such like).

3. I am good with rabbits (I once visited some neighbours who had a rabbit who didn't like people - but I got that rabbit to come to me. I spent more time on the rabbit than the people, but then rabbits are just more interesting).

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Fandom snowflake day 9

In your own space, set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not, public or private.

- Finish Lynda Day at the Chalet School. Or at least make it to a second draft. Last year I spent the first few months getting over the last few months of the previous year, and then it all went to pot. So although I intended to finish it last year, it just didn't happen. Hopefully this year won't be like last year.

- Participate in Not Prime Time. Now that The Librarians fandom is big enough, I could do it entirely with fandoms I write usually, if it wanted.

- Learn all of Penny's songs/parts in songs, so I can play her in the Dr Horrible Sing-a-long at Nine Worlds. And also learn Anya's "It Must be Bunnies" song, so I can hold up lots of bunnies.

- Finish some of the half-finished/half-started fics sitting around on my hard drive.

- Not sign up for SGA Secret Santa (but read the stories in it).

- Watch all the stuff on my PVR from last year and the year before. Or delete it if I'm just not going to watch it.

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Fandom snowflake day 5

Finally getting back to these!

Leave feedback for a fanwork. Or multiple fanworks. It can be as simple as I liked this to a detailed list of all the things you loved about the fanwork. The key is to leave some sort of feedback.

I did a few of these. In trying to catch up with the sga-secretsanta stories I went for the shortest one that I haven't read yet and it turned out to be really good! It's Nash Equilibria Are For Losers and it's 1500 words of hilarious Shep/McKay.

Then I worked through some of the other things I have starred in my RSS Reader:
just_ann_now's Swordspoint story in quotes and pictures.

dbskyler's Sarah/Doctor fanvid, which has the clips matching the words, which is how I like my fanvids.

(I don't know why my LJ user etc code has randomly stopped working and am not inclined to fix it now, but it's very annoying!)

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I will get back to Fandom Snowflake, but I bought a hamster yesterday, so I'm going to talk about her instead. Back in autumn I went to a friend of mine's whose teenage daughter has a hamster. I got to hold him and thought that I'd like a hamster. And then, later in the year, when I was stressed, I really wanted a pet. A hamster is not too much work or responsibility and doesn't take up too much space (or bring home headless mice).

I went out to buy one yesterday and ended up with Missy. Her favourite activity is attempting to destroy her cage. She's yet to work out that her wheel is for running on and not just for dumping stuff on.

I bought her because she was curious and when I got home she investigated her cage and wanted to know what I was doing every time I made a noise.

It's been very distracting writing this post because she's been awake, so I gave her some food between the bars when she stuck her nose out and have been watching her play. I'm looking forward to the time when she's happy to be picked up.

Here's a picture of her, beneath the cut/more:

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Fandom snowflake day 1

In your own space, talk about why you are doing the Fandom Snowflake Challenge? What drew you to it as a participant? What do you hope to accomplish by doing these challenges?

I think I'd seen it around and thought it looked interesting, so a couple of years ago decided to do it myself. I find that the prompts are interesting and make me think (and therefore blog about) the sort of things I don't often think about.

More than that, though, is seeing what other people do with the challenges. It's interesting to read their thoughts. And it's a great way of interacting with people when we all don't comment enough.

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Yuletide reveal

I can finally talk about what I wrote for Yuletide!

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Various Yuletidy things

I've been either tired or trying to finish off my Yuletide fic or both. And then distracted by family things. Although my tendency to wake up early has given me some time to read some Yuletide fic.

I got three stories this year! Three!
The Librarian: Charlene is all about Charlene and how she came to work for the Library. I love that it's all about Charlene and just how you'd imagine it.

The Librarian/The Librarians: 5 Requests for Receipts involves receipt requests and Charlene. It's amusing and in character.

Quantum Leap: Just Add Marshmallows is a sweet Sam & Al friendship drabble.

Yesterday we went to see Star Wars. I was dizzy before we went and my sister made us all leave early so the adverts had barely started when we got there. The trailers were nothing I'd ever want to watch and made me dizzy, so I gave up on those and closed my eyes. And then the very first part of the film was the Star Wars logo getting smaller and making me dizzier, which didn't seem to be a good sign... But apart from getting my sister to read me out the beginning crawl, I just didn't watch the hyperspace bits or the space battles and I was fine (ish). And didn't miss anything.

On the whole, I'd say it was all right. I don't know why everyone's raving about it, but then I don't know why people rave about the original film either. But it did explain why someone at the work Christmas party (which had a Star Wars/sci-fi theme) had their hair in a silly style.

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SGA Secret Santa

I finally got my [info]sga-secretsanta fic done!

Siren Song (2851 words)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan
Summary: The team investigate an underwater village with some familiarities.

I had since September, but I spent a couple of months coming up with ideas, then watching episodes and realising those ideas were half-remembered episodes. And then November was pretty much a write-off, due to work. Yet somehow I managed to write nearly 3000 words. So I am pleased that I have finished it and it's long for me. Beyond that I almost don't care whether anyone likes it. Both this year and last year my recipients wanted either Shep/McKay slash or gen. Last year I set out to write gen and ended up writing slash. This year I set out to write slash and ended up writing gen.

More excitingly, I got an amazing Elizabeth-centric fic!

The Alliance Project (5666 words) by musesmistress
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, Ronon Dex, John Sheppard, Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s)
Summary: Elizabeth has a plan, but the Ancients had one too and a tendancy to leave things... active!

Despite this, I am not allowed to sign up next year. It's just too stressful.

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iPod Touch case help

I have an iPod Touch. In terms of looks it's very similar to an iPhone 5. When I got it, a year and a half ago, I asked my sister what to get. Knowing what I was like, she suggested the Griffin Survivor. Which is red (and black) and it's been great. I drop my iPod about once a month on average and my lounge floor is really solid.

Except that I either have a problem with my iPod or the case and one of those is cheaper to replace than the other... (the iPod gets hot and the case gets condensation on it - this might be related to the battery problem). I've got as far as establishing that cases only cover the back, so then you need a screen protector as well (I think).

So I am drawing on the collective wisdom of people who read this, to tell me what they think I need. What I need from something that covers my iPod is:
- can cope with being dropped onto my laminate floor from a couple of feet/a metre ish up on a regular basis
- can cope with getting wet/splashes from when I listen to podcasts when cooking/cleaning
- makes the whole thing a bit bigger/wider so I can actually hold it

In an ideal world it would also make the screen less responsive, as without anything on it I just have to think about touching the screen and it acts like I have, which is really annoying. Although, from reading reviews, it seems like this is the opposite to most people's priorities.

I should also point out that I am accident prone. If it is breakable I will end up breaking it. If it is not breakable I will somehow end up breaking it.

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House anniversary

Today is my one year anniversary of completing on my house. I have now owned a house for a year! In this year I have made the following improvements to it:

  • New boiler. Which is more efficient and quiet enough to sleep through. And hear the TV over. It hasn't been really cold since I got it, so it's hard to say if I actually notice any difference in efficiency or cost, but so far my bills are down and my house is warm.
  • New cooker. Which is so efficient. On the stove I do things on a smaller ring, turned down lower and they still cook faster (sometimes too quickly - I've had things I've had to turn off because I can't turn the gas down enough. And the oven cooks everything far quicker too. And it's so clean! I haven't had a clean cooker since two moves ago.
  • New front and back door. Which are a lot easier to lock and unlock, but mostly they fit properly. The old front door in particular had massive gaps around it. I filled some of them, but I had to leave some gaps or the doors wouldn't close. Also my back door opens inwards, which means I can have it open when it's hot. Which of course it wasn't after I got it in July.
  • Kitchen door. The way my house is designed a door would just get in the way, so I have a folding door, which doesn't get in the way so much. I can now shut out the sound of the washing machine. I've been shutting it at night, now the heating's on, and when I get up in the morning it's the warmest room in the house, whereas previously it was the coldest.

Which was all quite a lot really. Next year I'd like to do some small(er) things:

  • putting actual flowers in the garden to make it pretty (at the moment it's brown in autumn winter and green in spring summer, which is quite boring)
  • some new lightshades. My walls are magnolia and all the lightshades are the same colour. They'll give the rooms some more colour without spending much money. And in the case of the bathroom one, something that's not designed to collect so much dust.
  • new curtains. Also for colour. The lounge especially is colourless because the floor is brown and the curtains are brown. And my furniture is mostly brown.

I am also in the process of doing some rearranging of furniture, it's just a long process - partly because I haven't had the time this year to do much spring cleaning.

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What I’ve been reading Wednesday

Not a normal reading Wednesday post - these are the books I've been reading that I have something to say about, but didn't have the time to say it.

These Wonderful Rumours! A Young Schoolteacher's Wartime diaries 1939-1945 by May Smith
This one a book I found in Hay-on-Wye. As the title says, it's the diaries a school teacher in her late 20s kept during the war. In fact it starts before it - she'd been keeping a diary for a while. She lived in a small village, so it's not about the parts of war we always hear about, but the broken night's sleep, the billeting, not getting paid on time, having school holidays shortened. It's just really interesting to read about her life (a lot of tennis, going to the flicks a lot, shopping). It makes it interesting adding in the war aspect and what effect it had on her life. I was reading it on the train back from London one evening and she was talking about getting home in the dark when there was a black out. I was half expecting to get off the train and it to be completely black out - I was quite surprised to find it was ordinary 2015!

Imzadi by Peter David
I've been playing a whole lot of Star Trek: Wrath of Gems recently and I'd just unlocked the TNG levels. I've also been thinking about my books and what I should get rid of if I'm really not going to read them again. I saw this on my bookshelf, remembered how much I'd liked it the first couple of times I'd read it, so I read it again. What really surprised me was the introduction talking about the 25th anniversary of Star Trek - when we're talking about the 50th next year. I can't believe this book is so old! I can't have read it 25 years ago, but it would definitely have been in the 90s, when I read a lot of Star Trek books. It's interesting that back then they obviously hadn't decided on the spelling of Ferengi - it's only in there a few times, but always as Ferengii. Back in the day I thought Peter David was an amazing author. Reading it now he just seems average. It was easy reading, but just not particularly outstanding.

Imazadi II: Triangle by Peter David
Despite the averageness of Imazadi I then couldn't resist reading the follow-up. This one was just as average really, although it kept bringing up things I had completely forgotten (I haven't seen much TNG since it was on BBC2 at 6pm on a Wednesday). Not least the romance between Troi and Worf, which just doesn't work. The book tries to show us why it does work, but it's fighting a losing battle (for me). I'm not sure I was convinced at the time, I'm even less so after his romance with Jadzia Dax (those two just went together much better).

These two books get to stay though - I might get the urge to read them again in twenty years.

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Not posting

I haven't posted, or done much commenting for a while. In short, November was crap, I only had so much free time (and brain) and this was not top of the list. Work was most of the culprit. It included a week when I had a half day off and still did six hours of work that week (none of it between 1pm and about 6.45pm). My evenings have involved getting home late, having dinner, and either doing more work or watching some TV that doesn't require a brain, and falling into bed soon after. It doesn't leave much time for doing anything. And the weekends have consisted of chores and writing and tennis.

The tennis will need a separate entry, but I felt the need to explain the lack of posting first.

I did give myself a silly injury - I hurt the balls of my feet. It's only once they hurt that you discover how much you use them. It was driving that particularly made them worse, I think. Plus stress is never a help for getting better. It was a few days before I found what had caused it. I'd come out of work really late and stressed one day, and the cat was by the door, waiting for people to come out and stroke her. I crouched down and she got in my lap. It did wonders for my stress level, having her purring and loving me, so I stayed there until I really couldn't any more. Guess which part of your feet you put all your weight on when crouching? Yes, it's the balls of your feet. I probably exacerbated it by practising some ballet two days later.

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Mostly fic things

[info]dw_remix is all over for this year. There were only three stories in the end, but the three people that finished seemed to have enjoying writing them, which is what matters. Next year I might just not bother with sign ups for people wanting to write remixes and people can write or not write. Less work all round.

I took a happy Twelfth Doctor and Missy fic by IrishVampire13: Cheek to Cheek and made it into a darker Twelfth Doctor and Missy fic: The Doctor Dances (Lucky Streak Remix). Having Missy in the first two episodes of this series helped rather a lot (and was why I chose that story to remix).

I managed to finish the first draft of my [info]sga-secretsanta fic! I'm quite impressed that it's 1600 words, but will get longer considering that I need to add the description and expand bits that say things like 'they went investigating and found x'. Not very exciting as it currently is. But at least the plot is there, making it less terrible should (in theory) be less hard.

I have my Yuletide assignment to do as well. And it would be nice to write some treats. And finish off some of the fic I have sitting around half-finished or half-started. But we'll see. Not least one of the things we'll see is how busy work gets.

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Writing – or not

Next year, if I think signing up for SGA Secret Santa is a good idea, someone shoot me. This year has gone pretty much the same as last - I enjoyed re-watching episodes of it and then when it came to it, really struggled to write something. I still have just over two months left and I have just about managed to come up with a plot. And by just about, I mean I managed it last night. I've had the assignment for over a month. And I am writing this because I'm supposed to be writing the first draft of that. My first drafts are always terrible, but this one is going to be especially terrible.

On the plus side, I managed to write something for [info]dw_remix, which went more smoothly. But I am very glad I set the minimum word count at 500 words, because I don't think I could have managed 1000.

I looked at my Yuletide sign up and wondered if I should take any characters or fandoms off my offers list. But the way I am feeling about my writing at the moment, I don't think I can write any of them. So I left them all on.

I'll feel better once I've got something finished - I have all sorts of half-started and half-finished things lying around. And the busy season coming up at work. This week is half term, so no ballet or choir. So I really ought to be able to get lots of writing done. And catch up on some TV. And some reading. And some spring cleaning...

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Dear Yuletide Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for writing a story for me. The optional details are optional. I've just tried to give you some ideas of what I might like to see, but if none of them are your thing feel free to disregard them. They are just ideas for people who find it easier to write something when given a prompt. I've requested characters I find particularly interesting in each fandom, so I will be happy with anything featuring them. Feel free to write other characters in the fandoms too - I like all the other characters in these fandoms too. Just because I've waffled more about some fandoms than others doesn't mean I want it more - I want these all as much as each other, I just waffle more about some than others.

General things I like:
- Stories that explore the relationships between characters
- Scenes/fic that is like it could be (part of) an episode
- Stories that make me happy or make me laugh or make me cry
- Swordfighting

General things I dislike:
- Sex scenes, so nothing over PG-13 please - generally sticking to the tone and details of sex/humour/peril etc of the original is good
- British people using Americanisms and American people using Briticisms
- Relationships other than those in canon (except when I've specified otherwise in my prompts) - but you can never go wrong with gen
- Non canon (permanent) character death

I am picky about crossovers and AUs (other than canon divergence) in these fandoms, and there's not a pattern I can articulate what I like and don't like. So if you have a great idea for one, it's probably going to be best to get the mods to ask me about it.


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I have been on holiday! It's partly been a holiday from work and partly an actual going away holiday.

I went to London. Which is more expensive than going for the day (involving hotels and Oyster cards) but means getting to places earlier in the day and being able to go out at night without having to wait ages for a train and then getting home really late.

The best thing was that I finally looked into the 2 for 1 thing the train leaflets are always going on about. There turns out to be loads of things you can get in to for (effectively) half price for two people. So we did things that would normally be overpriced, but ended up reasonably priced.

I have lots of ordinary photos of the London skyline from the London Eye and a boat trip we took from Westminster to Greenwich. I was mostly ok on those, but once I got off my head wasn't too sure about that movement. We did freeze on the boat, but sitting inside made my head feel funny.

We went to Westminster Abbey. It was mostly graves, some grander than others. It was quite sad that some you couldn't read because they were on the floor and lots of people have walked over them over the years. The most interesting bits were all the scientists in one area. Isaac Newton had a big ornate thing, but Paul Dirac had an equation on his. Then there was Poet's Corner with lots of poets and authors. Some of these poets, authors and scientists were buried there, but most (I think) were just commemorated there.

We also went to Kensington Palace. It was a bit of an odd place, because there was a lot there, but not really much indication of what much of it was. If you got lucky then you managed to be in the right place at the right time for a talk, but otherwise you were on your own or asking a guide.

Amusingly, at Westminster Abbey we saw the graves of Elizabeth I and Mary I. I was confused at Mary I because I didn't remember another Queen Mary. Until I went to Kensington Palace and they talked about William III and Mary II. Which explained it, but I've only ever seen them referred to as William and Mary without the numbers.

One evening we went to see Phantom of the Opera - partly because we're signing a medley of it this term and we'd never seen it. The theatre was designed a bit oddly because there was nowhere where you could sit and see the whole stage. But aside from that I enjoyed it - the songs in the medley are definitely the best songs (and with some extra alto bits!).

Another evening we went to see the wheelchair rugby. This was a special thing they put on to complement the rugby world cup. Not that it was well advertised at all. It was in the Copper Box at the Olympic Park and really empty. It was really good to see live, though (much better than on TV). I like wheelchair rugby because the rules are simple and it's fun to watch. We saw GB vs Australia. Australia were narrowly ahead the whole time and ended up winning, but it was still a good match. Then there was South Africa vs USA, which was very one-sided. It was obvious which side the crowd were on, as when USA scored there was silence, but when South Africa scored the crowd went wild!

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What I Just Finished Reading
While I was ill I decided the Star Trek books I bought from Hay-on-Wye would be easy reading...

Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel by Christopher L Bennett was quite hard going. I knew when I bought it that it was set sometime after the last episode because it talked about Captain Reed and Captain T'Pol. But this is also after a series of books about the Romulan War that I haven't read and this is the second in the Rise of the Federation series. So some of the time I had no idea what was going on. It wasn't just that that made it hard going though. It was all about getting Rigel into the Federation, so involved a lot of politics. I don't really care that much about Federation politics and I don't care about Rigel either. I certainly didn't care about any of the original characters in it, of which they were many. It was probably a bit more hard work than I had the brain power for at the time.

Star Trek: Section 31: Cloak by SD Perry is an original series book. After the Enterprise one it just felt nice to be reading about Kirk, Spock et al. Although I enjoyed it overall and found it easy reading it did annoy me that we knew what was going was related to Section 31, but none of the characters did. And McCoy discovered he had an incurable life-threatening illness that he worried over for the whole book, and then the epilogue mentioned in passing that it was cured. Unless this was something that came up in an episode and I've forgotten it was just a plotline that was so badly solved/didn't need to be in there.

Star Trek: Deep Space 9: Section 31: Abyss by David Weddle and Jeffrey Lang. I enjoyed most of the main action with Bashir and Ezri. I didn't care so much about Ro Laren because I don't remember her that well. Mind you, I don't remember Ezri that well, but I really liked seeing inside her head in this book. The story was set sometime in the post-DS9 novels and as a result I had no idea what was going on with the station or who some of the characters were. So those bits felt a bit superfluous. Other than that at least they knew what Section 31 was and what was going on.

What I'm Currently Reading
Abyss by Elizabeth Moon. I saw this in Hay-on-Wye and bought it without even reading the back. I have only really just started it, so it's hard to say much about it. I'm quite liking it so far but very little has actually happened - pretty much nothing mentioned on the back of the book has happened yet.

What I'm Reading Next
I don't know. Something off the Hay-on-Wye pile that's different from what I've read recently.

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More things

I didn't mean to go a week between posts, but I've had the lurgy. Still got it, really, but at least some of the symptoms have gone. I was off work with it, which meant I had lots of time to watch stuff and read books and then discovered I didn't have enough energy for it. In this week I have watched:

The Thick of It
This would be because Doctor Who is back on. I went for the episode where Malcolm Tucker was very unlike himself after getting fired. It turns out that Thick of It is really hard going.

I wanted to re-watch this after Wimbledon and didn't get to it. A bit on the long side, but much more my brain-level last week. It was so weird seeing Centre Court looking like it did in 2004(!) - no hawkeye, digital scoreboard (rather than screen), no roof. What's amusing is that back then the whole idea of a British man in the final at Wimbledon was a fantasy...

Downton Abbey
I wish there'd been more of this than just the two episodes I needed to catch up on. It was just right for mindlessly watching without making me tired. Plus the usual complete and utter ridiculousness you expect from Downton Abbey.

I got a bit behind on this after the first two episodes (of eight, I think). I ended up watching about five this week, I think. I enjoyed it, although I had to watch it with the subtitles on because they keep whispering. At the end it looked like they were saying there's going to be another series, which I don't think there should be. It's the sort of thing that works great for one series, but can go OTT if they try and spin it out.

Stargate: Atlantis
Turns out this was about my brain-level too. Although having seen it before could have helped with that. At least watching bits of it made me feel like I was doing something towards my SGA Santa fic. It reminded me how much I like Elizabeth's hair in season 3.

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